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Visually, the development will not affect the site significantly, and strict guidelines will be laid down for the developer and the buyers, instructing them that the structures and layout will have to be designed so as to blend into the rural, rustic architecture of the area, and also through the usage of materials and finishes that blend into the background.

Indigenous landscaping was also recommended to screen negative visual effects resulting from development, and no unnecessary vegetation clearing will be allowed.

The concept for the new dams is to design them in a manner that represents a typical natural Highveld grassveld stream and dam scenario. The area where the Langspruit flows alongside the development will be rehabilitated over time towards a more natural ecological state, reintroducing indigenous faunal and floral species representative of the local region and to the ecologist's recommendation. The edges and banks of the dams, the ingress, and exits of the stream into the dams will be designed and landscaped to represent a healthy ecological stream and dam system.

As two of the dams have already received the necessary approval for certain types of angling, resident fly-fishers are able to commence fishing immediately.

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